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The Ariel University Wine Research Center: Reviving the Wines of Ancient Israel

Over the past 20 years, the quantity and quality of Israel’s wine production has made a huge leap. To continue developing and improving Israeli wines, further research and development of local vineyards and wine technologies are essential. The Ariel University Wine Research Center, established in 2012, is taking the next step in broadening the knowledge in this field and is focused on putting Israel at the center of the world wine map. For historic reasons, all the varieties of wines produced in Israel today are of modern European origin. This Center is engaged in a wide effort towards tracing the lost ancient varieties of wine grapes that were used for wine production and their remains that were discovered in archaeological sites around Israel. This will lead to the revival of the wines produced during Biblical times, like the wines served on the table of King David.

Shortly, we will be launching a new crowdfunding campaign to continue the ancient wine research being conducted under the leadership of Dr. Shivi Drori. This will give contributors a rare opportunity to participate in the process and to receive their very own limited edition bottle of revived ancient wine at the end of the study.  To make sure that you are one of the first people to know about this exciting opportunity, please register for our Friends of Ariel University mailing list by clicking HERE.



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In October 2015, in partnership with KKL and Recanati Winery, while in Milan at the World Expo Dr. Shivi Drori, head of the Ariel University Wine Research Center, presented his ground breaking research.   Using research about the biblical era and teams of field researchers, Drori located a living sample of the indigenous Marawi grape species.  This research was referred to as “ground-breaking” by the New York Times in a front page feature.  Click on the links below to learn more about this exciting research.


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Octoboer 2015 Marawi Bottle Ariel University in the New York Times

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