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Ariel University

Diversity on Campus

Ariel University boasts a very diverse and inclusive campus community. Students and faculty represent the large spectrum of Israeli society, including students from the orthodox and ultra-orthodox Jewish communities, Arab students and secular Jewish students.

A large percentage of AU’s faculty and students are new immigrants. (Over 10% of the student body was born in the Diaspora.) Due to the special efforts made for students from the Ethiopian community, Ariel University has the largest absolute number of Ethiopian students of all the universities and colleges in Israel.

In 2014, for the fourth year running, students from AU received the highest number of IMPACT! scholarships from among all institutions of higher education in Israel. IMPACT! Scholarships are awarded by the Friends of the IDF to veteran Israeli combat soldiers to nurture Israel’s future leaders by helping them realize their greatest potential. The high number of IMPACT! Scholarship recipients at AU reflects the patriotic spirit of the school.

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Center for Drug Repurposing

As part of its program to establish a new medical school and its recently opened Institute for Personalized Medicine, Ariel University has now launched a Center for Drug Repurposing (CDR) in partnership with a private Israeli company, Drug Rediscovery Ltd. This is the world’s first academic center for drug re-purposing. Drug re-purposing is the process Continue Reading »

Regional Medical Center & the Health Sciences Building

To meet Israel’s critical shortage of physicians and other health professionals, Ariel University is focusing on the establishment of a medical school, aided by the generous support of the Adelson Family Foundation.

The Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology

Opened in 2014, the department has exclusive excavation rights to three unique and important archaeological sites dating back over 2,000 years to biblical times.

The Schlesinger Family Center for Compact Accelerators and Radiation Sources FEL Research Center

The Free Electron Laser Particle Accelerator at Ariel University is the only one of its kind in the Middle East. Scientists from all over Israel and the world take advantage of its unique attributes for technologically advanced research.