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ASPA – Ariel Support Program for Students on the Autistic Spectrum

Ariel University has developed a unique program that integrates students on the high-functioning Autistic Spectrum into higher education. The program is operated by the Student Services Center, under the auspices of the Department of Communication Disorders. The objective of this program is to give these students the opportunity to fulfill their potential for university-level studies, and thereby acquire a profession and enter the workforce. The program prepares them to cope with anticipated problems through the help and guidance of professional and student coaches. As part of the program, students are assigned a buddy to live with in the dorms, a model that serves to give autistic students a comfortable, welcoming opportunity to meet and interact with other students and to participate in campus life. Beyond helping these students reach their potential, the program promotes tolerance and acceptance of people on the autistic spectrum. The achievements of this program have been gained recognition both in Israel and abroad.

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