Friends of Ariel University
Ariel University


A New Spirit in Higher Education

Ariel University, Israel’s newest university is evolving into a major institution of research and higher education and taking its place among the ranks of Israel’s most honored and respected universities.

With over 15,000 students and 300 faculty members, it represents the full spectrum of Israeli society: Jews and Arabs, secular and observant, new immigrants and native-born Israelis. It is expected that by 2025, enrollment will total 20,000 students. There are many international PhD and post-doctoral students. A special English language program is offered during the summer months in entrepreneurial studies in partnership with YEDI Toronto.

Ariel University is home to 23 research centers, including an integrative brain science center, an applied cancer research center, a center for robotics research and applications, a homeland security R & D center, a world-renowned materials research center, and the Schlesinger Center for Radiation Sources and Applications (FEL – free electron laser particle accelerator). The Institute for Wine Research, in partnership with the Samaria and Jordan Rift R&D Center, stands at the forefront of Israeli high-tech and world wine research.

Ariel University’s four faculties (Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities, Natural Sciences, and the Faculty of Health Sciences) and the School of Architecture and Moskowitz School of Communications offer undergraduate degree programs in 26 departments; eight of these departments award master’s degrees. AU also offers 9 dual-major programs.

Dedication to Zionist Ideals

In order to meet the needs of Israel’s society and economy, the university is noted for its excellence in the fields of science, engineering and technology. The university is actively pursuing ways to make higher education available to all in order to bridge social and economic gaps. Students from the social and economic periphery, new immigrants, veterans, observant and non-observant, Jews and Arabs are all embraced at AU, exemplifying the institution’s Zionist values.